Thursday, October 22, 2009

We're Home!!

Callie and I made it back from Italy today! We visited both Rome and Pisa. We had a fantastic time!! I took almost 900 pictures. Basically this post is just a teaser because I will have to do a much longer post (or multiple posts) later to give the complete story. Callie is still here through Saturday, so those posts will come at a different time.

Some highlights from the trip:
- Leaning Tower of Pisa
- Colosseum
- Roman Forum (ruins)
- Fountain di Trevi
- Pantheon
- Spanish Steps
- Eating Italian food, Gelato, and drinking Italian wine
- Piazza Navona
- Shopping
- Vatican
- Seeing the Pope up close as he drove around in his little Pope mobile
- Listening to the weekly address by the Pope and getting his blessing
- Vatican Museums
- Sistine Chapel
- St. Peter's Basilica

The entire trip was AMAZING and I can't wait to tell everyone more about it!!

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