Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Long Overdue Project

I am tackling a project that I have been putting off for way too long. Cleaning out our office and files! I need to get this done now so that I have a happy work environment when I start teaching my online classes again in about 2 weeks. How long has it been since I cleaned out our files....ummm...lets put it this way, I am throwing away last years Christmas cards that were sent to us!

GAAAH!! This is only the contents from our Cheese box! BONUS: I found our State Tax Return from Kansas that we had yet to cash! All $11.00!! Combine that with the Subway coupons I found and I think Phillip and I will be treating ourselves to a lunch out this week!

More to come.... Oh My!

Thursday, October 21, 2010


How are we already in October, and not only that, almost done with October!?! Where has the time gone? Ok, I know where, work, but wow. I have been meaning to update the blog, and well, there is just so much to talk about that I hardly know where to start. We have gone on several trips, had friends visit, etc. but nothing has been talked about on here. So, I am starting to work on that. But just to keep you entertained, and hopefully coming back and checking the blog again, below are some pictures of our latest trip to Bavaria. We went down to spend the weekend in Garmisch and Munich to run a half-marathon (Phillip) and a 10K (Kimmy). (Another blog post to tackle, agh!) I love Colorado in the Fall, and well, Bavaria is just the same if not more beautiful. At the very least it reminded me a lot of home! Enjoy!!!