Thursday, October 1, 2009

Playing grown-up

Today I took another step in actually becoming a grown-up. Living overseas makes you think about whether or not you are prepared if the worst happens, so we are making ourselves prepared. Thus, we had an appointment with legal and made out our Wills and Special Powers of Attorneys. Mostly we just made sure all the right names were written down to take care of all our stuff. And since we basically have no stuff, it was pretty easy. And instead of having to will our kids to someone (since we have none!) we put down Clara. This mommy feels better knowing that her furry kid will be taken care of after we're gone!

And for my parents, I included not to be cremated as I do not want to end up missing in a pink mary kay bag. :) I honestly have no real opinion on cremation vs. burial, but with my family its best to not put that decision off. Just donate my organs, but not the eyes, as I find that much too personal.

Wow, after reading that it sounds like I think I might die tomorrow, but when you spend close to an hour and a half talking about those things you start to get more specific!