Saturday, October 31, 2009


Our first day in Italy was spent in Pisa! Our airplane landed at about noon and we easily made it to our hotel by shuttle. We then went straight out and walked over to the Leaning Tower. It was on the complete opposite side of town, but the walk was nice and gave us a chance to see Pisa. We made sure to go straight there before stopping to do anything as we wanted to make sure we got tickets to go to the top!

After we got tickets we went to a little street cafe and had sandwiches. As soon as I sat down and looked at Callie I caught this amazing view!

After lunch we went back to the plaza and took lots more pictures!

You really don't notice how much the tower is leaning until you look at it's base!!

Finally it was our turn to go up into the tower. This is a picture of the well-worn stairs! We found it interesting that as we walked up the 300 stairs, it was hardest when we were walking into the lean. It's only a 4 degree lean, but it makes a significant difference!

The view from the top!! So pretty and well worth the climb!

I have so many more pictures!! I will post more to facebook and post the link here! Pisa was fantastic, but not worth more than a day trip. Besides the Leaning Tower and Cathedral there is not a lot more to see. We had found a nice Italian restaurant near our hotel that evening where we enjoyed pasta and wine before turning in for the day. Next morning...a train ride to Rome!

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