Monday, October 5, 2009


This past weekend we checked another item off the "things to do before we die" list: Oktoberfest in Munich! It was an experience for sure!

We took the train out of Kaiserslautern into Munich, which unfortunately was 5 hours, but the train was much better than a bus ride or trying to drive ourselves. We left K-town at 7am, made it to Munich at noon, and to the Oktoberfest grounds by about 1pm. It was packed!! We knew that it would be hard to get into one of the actual beer tents, but we figured we could at least get into a beer garden, and if not, then we would still have fun right?. Unfortunately what we didn't know was that beer is only served in the tents or gardens, and you have to get a table too, so unless you can get in, it's kind of a waste. After trying for about 2 hours to get in, we almost gave up completely. But, after a nice break on a grassy hill and people watching we figured that we rode 5 hours on a train, we better make sure we at least get a beer!

Our luck would have it that after standing in line for another hour we finally made it into the beer garden at Paulaner, one of the best German beers! We were very lucky to find a seat almost right away, as the garden was extremely packed. Note, we made it only into the beer garden, which is the outside seating. The beer tent, which seats 10,000, was completely full and by reservation only! But, the day was beautiful and sitting outside was great. We drank plenty of Liters of beer, enjoyed traditional roasted chicken, and made lots of new friends!

After lots of fun and festival, we made it back to the train at midnight, then back into Kaiserslautern at 5am. It was a very long day, but a lifetime experience to say the least!

One of the beer "tents." These are massive, seating around 9-10,000 people, and all are by reservation only. Plus, you have to make the reservations early, as in May! We tried to get reservations in August and they were already booked!!

Costumes are very popular, which we were not expecting at all!

Finally got a table at the Paulaner beer garden and at last some Liters of beer!!

1/2 of our group. Trivan, Rhiannon, and I.

The other 1/2 of our group, Phillip and Drew, enjoying the roasted chicken.

Making lots of new friends!

Night time setting in, but the party goes on.

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