Sunday, October 11, 2009


And we have curtains!! Yay!

I might have to redo the pole pocket to let out some length though because they are about 3 inches off the floor. It looks a little weird, but as the day has gone on it's not so noticeable. Plus, the curtains are sheer, so I don't know if it would ruin them. But they definitely soften the room and make the white walls not as harsh. Haven't finished hanging all our other stuff though, so I'll post more pictures as we progress. But we're doing pretty good this time! Only 4 months of living here and we are hanging stuff up. At our last place the walls were bare for the first year!

Oh, and Clara would like for you to notice her sweater!

Another view of our room. Just the back door and the side window got curtains so far. Our rolladens are down, which are the exterior shades.

It's been rainy and a little cold here today so Clara got to wear her coat out for her walk. She loves all her coats and sweaters!

Today was also called, "Farmer's Day," so all of the stores were open today! Who would have thought we would have been so excited to go walk around Hela, which is the German Home Depot. One thing Hela has over Home Depot: they have a fresh bakery in the store!! Got some fantastic whole grain bread for 2E!

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