Saturday, July 18, 2009

Tour de France!!

Today was one of the best days ever!!  We got to actually see the Tour de France IN PERSON!!!  It was amazing!  We were literally feet from some of the greatest athletes in the world, including my favorite athlete, Lance Armstrong!

I have to admit, we didn't really know how this whole trip was going to work out, but in the end everything came together.  We left Friday night and stayed in Mulhouse, France, which was only 8km from the course.  The hotel that we had booked somehow canceled our reservation, but we found another place and everything worked out fine.

We didn't know a whole lot about how the race worked, but we heard that the streets get closed down 3 hours before the caravan comes through so we wanted to be there early.  Ended up we were probably some of the first people there!  But, Hemisbrunn had a wonderful bakery and the most amazing croissants ever!!!

We got to the race road at about 8:30 am, and the caravan didn't come through until about noon.  To pass the time we hung out in the car away from the rain and watched a movie on the laptop.  The caravan is basically the sponsor parade and they drive their floats through and throw out goodies!  Lots of fun!!  

Then the racers came through about 1 hour later!  It was so fast!!!  We video taped it since we knew that we wouldn't be able to take pictures fast enough!  The entire group of riders were through within 2 minutes!  And the way the road curved, they were literally feet from us!  SO AMAZING!!!

I'm trying to post pictures and video, and will post the links when I get it figured out!  But I couldn't wait to share our experience!!

Some of the actual details:
Stage 14 - Colmar to Besancon
We were between the towns of Heimsbrunn and Galfingue

I clicked frame by frame through my video and found Lance Armstrong!!!!

Link to the pictures:

Copy and paste it into your browser!

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