Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Post #1!

So, I decided to start this blog since we are now living in Germany!  Hopefully it will be a way for us to stay in contact with all our friends and family, and you can see more of what we are doing day to day.

To update, we got to Germany about a week ago and have been busy since.  Our most consuming task right now is looking for a place to live.  The housing market is pretty competitive, so this may take a while.  We looked at a couple so far, and haven't found anything doable yet.  But we are staying positive.

Interesting fact I learned at orientation today:  There are only about 6 in 1,000 woman in Germany who have babies each year.  Their reproduction rate is very low.  So low that the government offers the parents 3 years of maternity leave, at %60 pay, and a guaranteed job upon return!  Phillip and I will not be helping them out though!  It was hard enough getting the dog here!! :) 

And keep your fingers crossed for Phillip and/or I to pass our Driver's License test tomorrow.  We would prefer to be able to do some exploring this weekend!

Picture of Phillip sitting outside after we had dinner the other night.  This is at about 9:30pm!!  It does not get dark here in the summer til about 10:30pm, and it is light again by 5am!  The winters are gonna be rough as it doesn't get light until about 9am and is dark by 3:30pm!!


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