Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Housing Hunt

So far looking for housing has consumed our lives!  It's a tough process here because it is so competitive.  That and trying to get past the language barrier. Many of the places we called were either taken or we couldn't be understood.  

But, we've had some luck!  Almost too much luck!!  We found 2 houses that we liked.  Both about the same price, but each with different amenities and sizes. So, after some debate, we decided to go for the smaller, yet more economical house.  I don't want to say too much yet because it has to get approved by housing, so keep your finger crossed!!!!!

One of the best parts of the house is that it is located in a town that has really good DSL!  The cable company here offers a "Surf and Talk" program where you can combine your internet and phone for a flat rate and get unlimited calls back to the states to any land or mobile line!!  YIPEE!!!  FINGERS ARE STILL CROSSED!!

On another note, I am embracing the German lifestyle and loving that they enjoy long meals and plenty of wine!  Going to attempt to get back into running tomorrow though (now that our housing search is hopefully over and I actually will have free time!), as all these cream sauces will soon catch up with me.

We are trying to plan something fun for this weekend too since Thursday is our 4-year Wedding Anniversary!  More exploring and pictures to come!

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