Thursday, July 2, 2009

Das Auto

We started today by taking our German Driver's License test.  I'm happy to report that Phillip and I both Passed!!  WAHOO!!  We are now legal drivers!  We thus wasted no time in running to Bitburg to pick up our car rental!

While there we decided to explore our first German pub.  The hardest part so far is the language barrier, but most Germans have at least a small English vocabulary.  I know a few German words, but I need to work on learning a lot more!  Below is a picture from our table.

We each ordered the Schnitzel Gorgonzola, which is a veal cutlet, breaded and fried.  It also came with french fries.  And don't you dare eat those french fries with your fingers!  I grabbed one, ONE!, and the waiter said "American."  You eat them with forks.  Anyways, the lunch was great!  We were told most American's gain 25 lbs over their tour here, and its not too hard to see why.

So, while we are sitting at lunch, no more than 30 minutes after renting our car (and paying for 8 days!), the vehicle processing center calls and tells us our own vehicle has arrived!!  UGH!!  I literally called yesterday afternoon to check if it would be here soon and was told they had no way of knowing.  Oh well.

Anyways, we make it back to base with just enough time for Phillip to get everything done so that we can have our car legal.  Best part... it made the trip with NO DAMAGE!!!!!  We were very worried it would get torn up.  But it looks great, and so far runs great too!  It's really nice to have it here!

As such, tomorrow we will be returning our rental car!  Hopeful we can get most of our money back.  Then we are going to do some exploring with our college friends Drew and Rhiannon who are stationed out at Ramstein!  

Have a Happy Fourth of July!  

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