Thursday, July 16, 2009

The housing hunt continues...

We thought we had found a place, not so much.  The landlord and the housing office can't meet in the middle on a price.  So, the landlord now will only do a German contract, not affiliated with the base housing office at all.  We could do it, but I don't know.  We wouldn't have the housing office as advocates, and I'm concerned that the landlord may be very picky about the dog's nails and the new flooring!

So, we have been looking at more housing options.  Looked at 3 places in the last 2 days, and nothing.  2 were absolutely huge, and would cost an arm and a leg to heat!  The third had the laundry room in the room with the oil!  Nothing like clean clothes coming out smelling like oil!  And you would be opening the door to that room constantly, so the entire first floor would always smell.  We were down there for maybe 5 minutes and Phillip and I both walked out with huge headaches!

We have another place to look at tonight, so we are still hopeful!  Got the lists from the housing office again, so I am combing through those!  Pray that we find something soon.  We are on our third temporary living facility.  The first 2 were nice, this one is a little scary!  I've already gone through an entire bottle of fabreeze, in less than 2 days!!  And thank goodness the BX sells sheets and blankets for cheap!  

Here is Clara enjoying the couch at our first temporary apartment.  Ahhh... to have internet, phones, and be able to sit on the couch without a towel under you!  And no fabreeze or candles!! We were so spoiled!

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  1. Oh, honey I am hoping and praying you find a house soon!!!! I will buy you a bottle of febreeze : ) We should do something this next weekend.