Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Mosel Cruise/Dinner and Wine Probe

Continuing our adventures over the 3-day weekend, we decided to go on a Mosel Cruise and Dinner/Wine Probe. The tour was organized by our base's ITT office, so everything was already planned out for us!

After about a 20 minute bus ride our tour started in Bernkastel-Kues, a very pretty little German town. We got a couple hours to wander the town and its Marktplatz before our cruise started.

Sitting above the town is the Castle of Landshut, which was built in 1277, but has since been destroyed by a fire. Apparently though they allow people to spend the night in the castle!

The vineyards as viewed from the cruise! It was really pretty!! It is amazing how steep the hills are that they plant their vineyards on. I can't imagine what it is like to harvest the grapes!!

Our group at Sebastiani's Winery. What we did was called a Wine Probe, which is different from a tasting because he just gives you the bottle and lets you decide how much you want. There was not much swishing and spitting going on at our table! Sebastiani guided us through each wine and why it was unique. We were also served a wonderful dinner of pork and the most amazing potatoes ever!

The final tally of wines that we tasted!! We enjoyed the majority of them and made sure to buy some to enjoy at home!

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