Friday, September 11, 2009

House Exterior Pictures

So I am finally getting around to posting these! Here is our little German house!! We are really loving it. It is brand new, and very eco-friendly. I'm only going to post some exterior pictures today. This weekend is our first weekend in over a month where we will not be traveling anywhere so we are going to spend the time finally decorating and hanging pictures! I'll post the interior pictures after we're done.

Back of our house. Really nice patio and the sun sets on this side of the house, so it is a nice place to spend the evenings. Clara also loves to sun herself back here!

Front side of our house. I am posting this picture because you can see our heater, the big grey box. This is brand new technology where instead of using gas or oil to heat your house (extremely expensive!!), it pumps the warm air into the house. Think how a freezer works, but instead of pumping in cold air it pumps in warm air. It runs on minimal electricity. Normally oil and gas runs about 2,000 Euro per year. This system should only cost about 500 Euro. We are the first to live here so I guess we will find out!

Our view off the back porch. Corn and wheat fields in the distance. A little piece of Kansas in Germany!

Another view shot.

Our town's church clock tower in the distance. Chimes every hour, and really gets going at noon and 6:30pm. Thought it would be annoying, but I am liking it.

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