Monday, August 31, 2009

Heidelberg, Germany

This past weekend was another 3-day weekend so we made sure to take full advantage! Friday we made a day trip over to Heidelberg with our friends Drew, Rhiannon, Trivan, and Tia, who are all stationed at Ramstein. One of the main attractions at Heidelberg is the castle, which was erected from 1775-1781. It has been destroyed several times by wars and fires, but it is still very neat to see.

Pictures from next to the castle. There are 300 stairs leading up to the castle, but we found that you could park on a side street and skip about 250! You could go inside, but we chose not to pay the extra money.

View of Heidelberg from the castle! That is the Neckar River and the Church of the Holy Spirit sitting in the Marktplatz.

After seeing the castle we enjoyed the Marktplatz shops. We stopped at the Brauhaus Vetter for a late lunch of sausages and beer, including the record setting Vetter 33!

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