Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Merry Christmas!!

We recorded our Holiday video message to be sent back to the states today!

Should be viewed all over Kansas as we had to record separate messages for each area of the state! We tried to say everyone's name, but it was hard to remember everything to say.

Look for us come Christmas time! Clara also got to be included, and looked so nice with her black and white fur!


  1. So tell us more about the video... Is it for TV or sent to us individually?

  2. It is for TV. We put down Liberal, Kansas City, Victoria, and Dighton as the towns to view it. If your town is within 60 miles of the other, than we didn't have to put it. However, we were thinking since there is really only the Kansas City and Wichita news, most people will see it. We gave them Phillip's parents number to call when it is supposed to air. Will keep everyone updated!!