Monday, September 21, 2009


So Phillip and I decided that it's time to get our flabby butts into shape. We thus ordered P90X and began the program today. We're sticking to the workouts, but doing our own variation of the diet. I'm having us focus more on lean meats, lots of protein, fruits, and veggies, and little carbs and processed foods. And really focusing on easy, basic ingredient meals. None of this 15 ingredients to make a soup! Much easier to do and more realistic!

Day 1....umm currently can't really lift my arms above my head. Found out I suck at diamond push-ups! Other than that, it went really well. The premise is that you set a goal for each exercise and focus on your reps and weights, not trying to do an insane number that the highly fit person in the video is doing!

And for those who might think this is a gimmick, Phillip's aunt and uncle lost ~20 and 40lbs each respectively. And they were already in great shape! We're just going to stick to the plan though and not get too caught up in what weight we want to lose. Figure it will all happen on its own!

Oh, and a plug for Website lets you set up a profile and will track all your dietary intake and exercise! The "daily plate" function is a massive database of almost any food you eat, and is one of the best that I have seen!!

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