Monday, August 3, 2009


Sundays in Germany take some getting used to. Here they very much embody the whole "day of rest" idea. Everything is closed, and you are not allowed to do any work either. It's weird getting accustomed to because in the States we always reserved Sunday for doing the house work that needed to get done before the start of the new week. So, in keeping with the Sunday theme, here is what you are not allowed to do.

Thou shalt not:

- Do any yard work, including mowing the yard or sweeping your driveway/street.
Yes, you are expected to sweep your driveway and street in front of your house (the first foot or so into the street), but not on Sunday!

- Wash your car.

- Go shopping.
Everything is closed! Retail, grocery, everything.

- Eat out.
For the most part, but in our town there are 2 open restaurants, so this doesn't really apply all the time.

This kind of makes for a boring day. You can't go traveling, you can't do any work on your house, you just kind of bum around. You can do stuff inside, like laundry or cleaning, but I'm going to object to those tasks and enjoy my day of rest!


  1. Yes, that is the one thing I should be doing! Going to get with the program!!