Monday, August 17, 2009

Wittlich Pig Festival

This past Saturday we attended the Wittlich Pig Festival. The story behind the festival is that in the medieval age, the people of Wittlich closed the city gates each evening because they were constantly under attack. One evening, the guard couldn’t find the bolt to close the door, so he used a carrot instead. In the middle of the night a pig came, saw the carrot, and ate it. What happened of course is that the door opened and the enemy entered the town. The people were thus very angry and decided to punish the pigs. So they made a big fire and herded all the pigs into the market place and roasted them! Today the legend continues with a festival entailing a parade, a carnival, lots of wine and beer, and of course the roasting of pigs!

Wittlich Town Marketplatz where the main festival was held.

The ceremonial pigs being brought into the marketplatz to be roasted. They roast around 100 pigs for the festival.

Flowers being presented to the Saint of Wittlich. This man loves his job and was really hamming it up!!

Pork sandwiches being prepared!!

Wine selection!! Of course you order by the bottle here!

Lots more pictures posted on facebook! The link is below, copy and paste!!

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