Thursday, August 6, 2009

Moving In!!

We have officially moved into our new house!!! Let the unpacking begin!

Everything is going good so far. The movers moved everything into our house yesterday, and even put together some stuff for us. They were very nice guys. We also got our loaner appliances from base too, which are necessary with the 220 voltage here. We got a washer and dryer, fridge, and a microwave; all brand new!!

So we have lots to do!! We got our t.v set up and it works! It is even dual voltage, so we don't have to run it through a transformer! Which basically saves us from having to unplug and plug it in every time we use it. Finished unpacking the kitchen and organized the furniture in the living room last night. I will probably be trying out some different arrangements til I find one that makes me happy. Just had a few broken glasses so far, but nothing really to get upset about!

Our living room/dining room/kitchen after the movers left! So much to do!!

Phillip surrounded in our kitchen! It is quite a bit smaller than our last kitchen, so we will be storing some stuff in our attic. Good thing we have a large attic!!

Clara is so happy to have her toys and bed back!!

And it was so wonderful to sleep in our own bed last night!!! First time in over 2 months!!!!

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