Saturday, February 13, 2010


This morning we awoke to this!!

It's Fasctnacht here in Germany, aka Carnival! The festival started on Thursday where the women of the town storm the courthouse and demand the key to the city. The women are then in charge, and can cut off any men's ties if they see them wearing one. Children are also allowed to stop cars in the street and demand candy. All kinds of partying takes place culminating with a big parade on Rose Monday.

It has actually been pretty quiet here in our town, but Bitburg and Trier have been busy throwing their parties. We'll be going to some of the parades on Monday! We think this band was just trying to get in some practice time before the big day. They were so cute!! Mind you, it was only about 20 degrees outside!

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  1. With you and Phillips Marching Band experience why are you not joining in?????