Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Bread Lady

When we first moved to Spangdahlem we were disappointed that our town did not have a Backerei (aka Bakery). Seriously, the German Bakeries are AMAZING, and we wanted to be close to one! But then we heard the story of the bread lady. The bread lady supposedly drove around Sapngdahlem on certain days, ringing her bell from her bread van, and you could run out of your house and buy fresh baked goods! Too good to be true! Well, we heard this story back in July, and we still had not seen or heard from the bread lady. I was beginning to believe she was an urban myth.

...and then this Saturday something wonderful happened!!! Phillip was up cleaning the kitchen (I was still in bed) and he heard this van driving around honking its horn at certain houses. Then the van visited our neighbors, honked its horn, and Phillip saw them go outside and buy bread!! That was it, he ran outside and stood at the end of our driveway to get his turn!!

The Bread Lady Exists!!!!!

Phillip bought chocolate filled croissants, a chocolate covered cookie, and french bread. Total cost was about 4E. We had the croissants and cookie for breakfast. So good!!

That evening we had spaghetti and the french bread for dinner. We even enjoyed a bottle of wine from my trip to Italy to celebrate the occasion!

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