Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Pig Fest

This past weekend was Pig Fest in Wittlich. It is our favorite festival to go to as it is always lots of fun, great food and drink, and not crazy overcrowded like some of the other festivals can get. The top reason to go to Pig Fest though is to eat the Pork Sandwiches and drink plenty of wine; so so good!

The walkplatz where the main festivities are held.

Roasting of the pigs.

Making the pork sandwiches.

YUM!!! Deliciousness!!!

Phillip and Drew having a good time, enjoying the wine and food.

A view of the fairgrounds from the ferrous wheel.

Phillip was not too keen on the ferrous wheel, but we made him go anyways! :) Poor little guy had a death grip on the handle bar!

And thus was another successful year at Pig Fest!! I didn't take near as many pictures as I would have liked. Guess I was having too much fun to take a break!

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