Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Life around here...

Life around here hasn't been to exciting lately. In fact, it has mostly revovled around my computer. Thrilling I know!

Reason one, I have started online training to teach online courses for UMUC-Europe! Actually, I'm pretty excited about this one!! I don't know which definate classes I may be teaching yet, but it looks like mostly entry level Biologies and A&P. My training course will take 5 weeks, so I should know more later.

Reason two, Phillip and I decided to get a Kindle with some of our Christmas money. But, since the Kindle hasn't arrived yet I decided to go ahead and download Kindle for PC to my computer. Now I can buy and receive books with the click of a mouse, very dangerous! I've bought 3 so far, and am almost finished reading one. I might need to slow down and actually save some for the Kindle!

For those interested in how the fridge is doing, its currently filled with some pretty healthy food. First 3 weeks have been going pretty good and Phillip and I are both starting to see some weight come off. It definately helps to keep us motivated! :)

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