Sunday, December 13, 2009

Trimming our Tree

We selected our Christmas tree this weekend!! We bought it from a little German man selling them down the street from us. I like this picture because I just love seeing cars driving around with trees on their roofs this time of the year! German's usually don't buy and decorate their tree until the night before Christmas, but they are now starting to break with tradition and decorate more like Americans.

Unfortunately, we picked out our tree when it was a little dark and we didn't notice how spacey it was on the bottom. We figured we would give it overnight to fluff out, and if it didn't fill in enough we would take some off the bottom.

Getting into the holiday spirit by making our own Gluhwein!! Really good!!

Our Gluhwein mugs we have collected so far from the Christmas markets! It's ok if you keep them because when you get your first glass you pay a 2E deposit, so essentially we bought them.

The Christmas puppy!! We decided to cut off about a foot and a half so that the tree would look fuller!

All done!!!

And all tuckered out! They slept like this for an hour this afternoon! Clara just loves it and only does this with Phillip, not me!


  1. Looking at the picture of the tree on the RAV. I'm suprised that Phillip would put the tree the car.

  2. It was on the car or in it, so he picked outside to avoid the pine needles. It was a good thing too that we only had to drive about 2 miles to make it home!