Friday, December 4, 2009


Sorry for the blogging lull. Things have been a little busy here lately. So, an update...

1. Celebrated a Happy Thanksgiving!! Our friends in Phillip's office invited us over Thanksgiving day for a wonderful meal. We had a really nice time and ate our weight in ham, fried chicken, potatoes, and plenty of pie. Friday after Thanksgiving we had Thanksgiving #2 with our college friends, Drew and Rhiannon, over at Ramstein. This time we ate our weight in turkey, corny corn, sweet potatoes, and more pie. Sunday, restarted P90X.

2. Was a cookie taster for our friend Andi. Andi has decided that she will be cooking every cookie in the Martha Stewart Cookie Cookbook. However, Andi is allergic to wheat, so she cannot do any of the cookie tasting herself. She thus has a team of regular cookie tasters, but each week she picks a guest cookie taster, and this just happened to be our week. Boy were we excited to get a box of cookies from the states!!! You should definitely check out her blog, at least for the latest entry about yours truly!!

3. Got sick. Yep, I knew it was only a matter of time before those little mongrels gave me their germs. Stopped P90X, will have to restart on Sunday, ugh.

4. Watched the base Christmas tree lighting. This was basically by mistake because I got stuck at the BX when they blocked off traffic, so I just happened to be there at the time. It was sadly a little lame, as the tree only had 1 messily string of lights, but oh well. The base has also put up lighted stars on all the street lights, which remind me a lot of the big old Christmas lights from Liberal, so that is really nice!

5. Made it to the weekend!! This weekend we are headed out to our first German Christmas markets!! We are headed to Bernkastel and Trier, so excited!!

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