Tuesday, November 17, 2009


One very annoying thing about how much it rains here is that my pants always end up wet!! Mainly because I am too short and the backs of my pants always meet the ground, thus the water loves to run up them. And before you know it your pants are soaked from the knees down, and then your socks end up soaked, and then you have to change pants and socks, which only makes for even more laundry for me to do in my itty bitty German washing machine. And the fact that Clara gets 2-3 walks a day translates to 2-3 pairs of pants and socks. And yes, I have been trying to re-wear things, but this means that I am changing pants now 6 times a day!!

So, today I decided to order my first pair of Wellies!! J.crew makes some really cute ones, but right now they are between styles. I thus found these ones from j.crew on Ebay for the bargain price of $20. The listing said they were new, but I guess I'll find out. Green with little polar bears, perfect! I'm pretty excited if you can't tell! Can't wait for them to get here!!

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