Sunday, November 8, 2009

Movie time

Phillip and I went to see "Where the Wild Things Are" this afternoon. I fully enjoy watching movies on base, despite the fact that they are usually about 3-4 weeks behind regular showing, mainly because we only have to pay $4.50! For the 2 of us, plus popcorn and cola, we only spend $16. Not bad considering what it costs in the states. Just remember to stand for the national anthem!

So, I thought the movie was cute and enjoyed the little message it was trying to get across. Phillip on the other hand was not as pleased.

While walking out of the theater...

Phillip: I don't get it. What was that about?

Kim: It's based on a children's book. The message is to be nice to your family.

Phillip: I guess I would have had to read the book.

2 Families walking in front of us with a little girl crying...

Dad: Of course she's crying, the movie was terrible, I didn't get it.

Uncontrollable laughter with a tinge of sadness!! How many people have not read this classic children's book?


  1. yeah, i had no idea that was a book. and i probably wont' read it. i'll be in the middle of being julie and julia for a long time still!

  2. It's a classic!! I am seeing Julie and Julia Tuesday. So excited!!