Thursday, February 10, 2011

Christmas 2010

This Christmas we celebrated at our home in Spangdahlem. It ended up being just Phillip, Clara, and I since we had a huge ice and snow storm the night before and our friends couldn't make it down. We had a nice time though and cooked a great meal!

What we called our Christmas bush! It was more of a bush than a tree. The German who sold it to us told us that our expectations were just off because German trees are not like American trees. Or...Americans are just suckers and will buy anything sold to us!

Christmas dinner!

Clara with one of her Christmas presents. Just pooped from a long day.

Yep, I realize this post is just a little past due, but I am at least back to blogging again!!


  1. oh good yo'ure back!!!!! :)

    will you be my retirement travel buddy?

  2. hey kim! are you and phillipae ok over there? heard there was an shooting and am thinkin of ya